02 Sep 2015

Research by Richard Ingersoll from the University of Pennsylvania has shown that high-quality teacher induction programs can advance teaching practice and student learning and support teacher retention. The key, though, to getting results is the quality of program. In this post, we recommend four ways education leaders can set about creating and/or improving teacher induction programs for greater impact.

22 Jul 2015

In classrooms across California, teachers are working tirelessly to transform our schools and ensure our students succeed. To build on their work, we need to unlock what’s working in each of those classrooms and spread those good ideas into other classrooms across the state. That’s why on July 31 we’re co-hosting Better Together: California Teachers Summit. 

26 May 2015

 When Julie Wilson recognized the churn of new special education teachers in Kansas was intimately linked to teacher effectiveness and student achievement, she set a goal to help Kansas schools retain more highly effective special educators. This post explores how she is achieving that goal.