11 Jun 2014

Mentor Abby Paske calls mentoring hard work. In this post, she goes on to describe it as, "a constant give and take between building trust and pushing forward, facilitating reflection, and adopting an instructive approach. It is hard to fully appreciate the impact I am having on a day-to-day basis, but when I do get to see the results of my efforts, it is even sweeter as I know they have been hard won."

04 May 2014

As this school year comes to an end, many districts and schools will reflect on the successes of the year and begin to plan for the next school year. Budget priorities will be reassessed and debated. In this situation, it is important to let education leaders know that the best investment they can make is in a high-quality teacher induction program. Here are ten reasons why.

10 Mar 2014

Since the passage of No Child Left Behind, with its intense focus on math and reading, NTC's Alyson Mike has had growing concerns that STEM education would become just “M.” In this post, she explains that's why she's feeling optimistic about the completion of Next Generation Science Standards. 

10 Mar 2014

For the past 25 years, the Santa Cruz/Silicon Valley New Teacher Project has continually advanced its program based on one significant focus: Supporting the development of excellent educators who build their practice, one day at a time, from the first day they step into a classroom.

03 Mar 2014

In this post about NTC's Symposium, Leslie Baldacci focuses on how attending to the social and emotional needs of students and their teachers is foundational for academic success. Social and emotional learning reminds us that the heart of teaching beats strong in knowing our students, building their capacity for empathy, and in fostering strong relationships and resilient, persistent learners.