Jane Baker
12 Sep 2013

New Teacher Center Communication Director Jane Baker raises important questions as thousands of new teachers enter the classroom for the first time. They will struggle to find the support and resources they need to improve student learning. Many will turn to Google. But will this be enough? More importantly, will they be able to sort through the results and find the best answers?

New teacher induction coach Alicia Sullivan
04 Sep 2013

New teacher induction coach Alicia Sullivan talks about how she listened to new teachers carefully reflect upon the “could’ve s, would’ve s, wish-I-had’s” and land on “next time’s.” She clearly articulates what it means to be a reflective practitioner and expresses her hopes that new teachers come to know that spending fifteen minutes reflecting instead of entering grades into the online database will best serve students.

20 Aug 2013

If your district plans to submit a Race to the Top—District (RTT-D) application, you are undoubtedly prepared to adopt bold and comprehensive reforms, and to lay the foundation for unprecedented innovation. Here are three reasons to include a comprehensive, high-quality model of teacher induction in your RTT-D District bid. 

Crystal Monteiro
31 Jul 2013

Someone once asked Induction Coach Crystal Monteiro, "Don’t you think good teachers either have IT or they don’t?" In this post, Crystal explores the definition of “it” and where the “it” comes from. 

Netherlands Minister Jet Bussmaker wrapping up the summit
21 Mar 2013

Last week I had the distinct opportunity to attend the 2013 International Summit on the Teaching Profession in Amsterdam which focused on teacher evaluation. The major theme of the Summit: Should countries have sophisticated, centralized evaluation systems with clearly defined measures and processes, or should teachers in schools and localities work to collectively define their standards, their evaluation, their development, and ultimately their own profession?