Supporting novice educators. Enhancing student experiences.

Jewish New Teacher Project helps Jewish day school educators gain and maintain the skills they need so that their students can thrive.

We offer beginning teachers and new school administrators in day schools and yeshivahs – across the entirety of the Jewish ecosystem – outstanding job-embedded training and relationship-based coaching and mentoring to foster and accelerate their ability to create learning environments grounded in instructional excellence.

In such environments, all learners have access to higher quality education and can succeed. The result is Jewish students who are engaged, inspired and knowledgeable, and who are prepared for active roles in their Jewish communities and beyond.

Teachers and school leaders are proven to be the two most important in-school factors that impact student learning. Learning improves when teachers and administrators have the skills to create a culture of academic excellence. By focusing on novice educators, JNTP sets them on the path toward mastery early in their careers, ensuring immediate and long-lasting impact.

JNTP is a self-funded division of New Teacher Center, the acclaimed, award-winning national leader in educator support. NTC’s mentoring and coaching methodologies are research-based and field-tested in hundreds of public school districts nationwide. To date, NTC has supported 300,000 Pre-K-12 teachers, mentors and administrators, impacting nearly 17 million students. As part of NTC, we bring NTC’s proven approaches, innovations and best practices to the Jewish day school field.

Over 35,000 students

each year have a teacher trained by JNTP
New Teachers
Early Career Administrators
U.S. States plus Ontario, Canada

Building cultures of instructional excellence.

JNTP’s Teacher Induction and Administrator Support programs accelerate the effectiveness of educators and school leaders at early points in their careers. Our capacity-building approach establishes best practices early on and sets the stage for a career of instructional excellence, leading to improved learning and cohesive pedagogical cultures.

Teacher Induction Program

New teachers have unique needs as they enter the classroom. High-quality, intensive mentoring helps early career teachers quickly gain the skills they need to teach more effectively and builds their confidence so they stay in the profession longer.

JNTP trains veteran teachers to provide mentorship to beginning teachers through their most challenging first years. The collaborative relationship develops new teachers’ craft and veteran (mentor) teachers gain new leadership and teaching skills that invigorate their own teaching practice.

Administrator Support Program

Administrators are key levers of change in a school. They set school culture around learning for both students and adults. JNTP provides novice administrators the opportunity for professional reflection and growth at the start of a new role.

The acquisition of practical tools and strategies empowers, inspires and innovates school and teacher leaders, transforming schools and creating learning environments in which all students can succeed.

“I feel indebted to Milton Gottesman Day School of the Nation’s Capital and my JNTP mentor, who provided me with a solid foundation so early in my career. I found strength and confidence in knowing that I always had a sounding board and someone in my corner… I feel privileged to work at a school that recognizes and values this professional development.”

Laura Cohen

Teacher and Pedagogista, Milton Gottesman Day School of the Nation’s Capital
“The experience of working with JNTP instructors and networking with talented educators was transformative for me. It deeply impacted my work as a teacher, mentor and now principal, and has helped me appreciate that the most effective way of meeting students’ needs is by supporting their teachers.”

Yael Cortell

General Studies Principal, Yeshiva of Greater Washington, Girls Division
As more teachers were trained, both as mentors and as beginning teachers…the schools themselves, as a whole, were lifted and transformed into more thoughtful, collaborative, purposeful, and ethical workplaces and learning institutions

Rabbi Dr. Steven Lorch,

Head of School, Kadima Day School; Los Angeles, CA

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