By Sid Klein, New Teacher Center Director of Development

New Teacher Center has learned so much about what it takes to produce results for students at scale. With further proof in hand that NTC’s model works, we are taking a leap forward for even greater reach and impact. Last year, we took a long hard look at where we’ve been and what we’ve learned, then determined how best to drive student success.

NTC 2020 is a four-year plan to accelerate our impact and get us closer to ensuring an effective teacher in every classroom. It will accelerate our organization’s impact and reach. And it will dramatically accelerate the success of students, teachers and school leaders in every corner of our country. The results of our efforts will continue to grow and ripple out through teachers, students and ultimately into the broader community.

Interested in getting involved? Here are three different ways you can support NTC’s 2020 plan:

  1. Share Socially! This year, our annual report is 100% digital, making it easy to share our story and plans for the future with your social networks. Just a simple click can make a big difference—everyone has ideas to share, and we’d love to extend the conversation to your colleagues. View our report and at the bottom of the page you will find shareable links for your social networks.
  2. Get in touch! Do you know of key stakeholders you can introduce to NTC? From funders to school districts, we would be humbled by your invitation to connect. Email us today.
  3. Join the ranks! Whether you’re an individual donor or a member of an established foundation—there’s room to join the ranks of our great partners who make NTC’s work possible. We’d love to discuss the ways in which our ideas align and the collective goals we share.

Thank you for your interest and support in NTC. Get in touch
to help us build a movement to end educational inequity!

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