When we focus on teachers, everyone succeeds


JNTP is dedicated to improving student learning by accelerating the effectiveness of beginning teachers in Jewish day schools. Our mission is supported with generous contributions from a number of philanthropic funders and partners.
The Jewish New Teacher Project is part of the New Teacher Center (NTC) in Santa Cruz, CA, which, since 1998, has been renowned for its comprehensive, research-based instructional mentoring and professional development programs. NTC is one of the most innovative, impactful, entrepreneurial, scalable non-profits in the country. The organization has won almost every award in the U.S. for social innovation and scalability.
When you work with JNTP, not only do you benefit from our decade plus of expertise in Jewish day schools, you also benefit from the association with one of the most sophisticated organizations addressing educational improvement in the country! 


The Jewish New Teacher Project helps Jewish Day Schools achieve teaching excellence by increasing teacher effectiveness, teacher retention and student achievement and bringing the language of teaching standards, collaboration and professional development into school culture.


When we focus on teachers, students succeed. JNTP understands that providing educators at all levels with the foundation and supporting infrastructure necessary for individual success translates to the success of society as a whole.

By improving teacher effectiveness, we can deliver on the promise of Jewish day school education.


We incorporate multiple types of teacher support, including high-quality mentoring, common planning time and ongoing support for and from school leaders, in order to improve student achievement, increase teacher effectiveness, and dramatically reduce the turnover rate of new teachers.

Support from philanthropic organizations, funders and partners all play a critical role in making this work possible.


Who We Are


Basya Wolff

Visiting Mentor

Chana Zaks

Program Manager

Cheryl Epstein

Associate Program Consultant

Fayge Safran

Senior Program Director

Ilana Sperling

Senior Development Associate

Judith Rosenblatt

Associate Program Consultant

Marti Herskovitz

Program Consultant

Nina Bruder


Rochelle Moche

Associate Program Consultant

Suri Ganz

Associate Program Director

Valerie Mitrani

Program Consultant

Vicky Kairy

Associate Program Consultant

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