Addressing Pandemic Learning Loss

In our conversations with teachers and administrators across the country, one of the themes that has emerged is learning loss. With school closures, remote learning, and waves of  quarantines, learning has not looked “normal” since March 2020. Many students are behind where they would have been pre-pandemic, both in terms of academics and social-emotional skills. […]

Starting THIS School year: Perspectives of school leaders

It’s true — we are past the initial COVID crisis mode. And, yet, we aren’t quite back to normal. For school leaders, this in-between reality has presented a unique set of challenges. Following are some of the biggest issues school leaders in JNTP’s Administrator Support program say they are grappling with this year. […]

Teachers are the key to transmitting a love of judaism

An Interview With: Joanne Stein, JNTP Leadership Council Jewish New Teacher Project is blessed to have an advisory Leadership Council to help us set our organization’s course[…]

JNTP training has long-term impact, both in and out of the classroom

Over the past 15 years, JNTP has trained over 1,000 beginning teachers and mentors in Jewish day schools across North America to be more effective in their roles. Most remain classroom teachers[…]

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