JNTP participants and administrators weigh in on JNTP’s impact on teaching, learning and school culture

JNTP’s annual participant survey results are in and we couldn’t be more pleased with what we are hearing from the field!

Participants and administrators feel that working with a mentor positively influences the beginning teacher’s teaching practice, as well as student learning in the teacher’s classroom. In addition, administrators see JNTP influencing the growth of their school in advancing teacher practice and student learning, speaking to JNTP’s whole-school impact.

Mentors Positively Influenced Teaching Practice

JNTP Positive Influence on teaching practice and student learning

We at JNTP are always gratified to read answers to the open-ended questions on the survey, when we hear from participants in their own words on the impact of participation. Here are some of our favorites from this year’s survey:

New Teacher: The most valuable feature of JNTP has been having the space to process and unpack this experience with someone supportive and open, and feeling that I have an advocate and champion in the building – someone who cares, has my back and has been specifically assigned to me and to investing in my practice. Beyond the emotional component, my mentor has helped me deeply improve my practice in a number of areas. Through questioning, using the JNTP tools and occasionally directly advising, she helps me ask better questions, craft better assessments, learn how to leverage my colleagues and lesson-plan more effectively. The fact that JNTP’s tools encourage the mentor to draw out the mentee’s personal style, as opposed to imposing his or her own, is, I think, a signature feature that is extremely effective.

Mentor: I feel that the JNTP program educated me as an educator. The conferences provided forums to grow in many ways, reminded me what it is like to be a first year teacher and guided me so that I could help my mentee in a productive, non-threatening way. Looking at another teacher’s classroom made me look at my own more critically. I found myself changing my teaching, hopefully for the better!

Administrator: We have created a culture of growth by bringing JNTP to our school. It shows to our students, faculty and community that we are invested in becoming an even better school.

We are looking forward to working with our 2017-2018 cohorts in Baltimore/Washington, DC, Chicago, Miami and New York, partnering with schools around the country to achieve teaching excellence.

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