AVI CHAI Foundation Report Features Jewish New Teacher Project

A report from the Avi Chai Foundation and the Research Center for Leadership in Action (RCLA) at the Wagner School at New York University looks at the impact of mentoring in the classroom and beyond.

The report makes clear that the mentors—whether veteran teachers in individual schools or visiting mentors itinerantly serving multiple schools—are becoming reservoirs of ideas and strategies, for use within and beyond the classroom that would benefit their schools overall.

This collaborative research project set out to capture the knowledge that mentors working in Jewish Day Schools accumulate that can help improve the teaching and learning in their schools overall and documents what Jewish New Teacher Project mentors learned from their training and practice.

Through a set of interviews and focus groups, the research team collected stories from the mentor’s experience with new teachers to shed light on the following question:

As a veteran teacher and mentor, what am I learning that could help my school overall?

The report found that JNTP mentors developed tangible and practical insights about how to address critical school challenges. The report highlighted three general areas:

Attracting and retaining excellent teachers;

Ensuring a consistently good educational experience for all students; and

Fostering professional development for all teachers.

Read the full report (PDF).

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