4 ways to get more from your district’s budget for teacher professional developm
28 Jan 2014

In the months ahead as budget cycles begin, you may find yourself facing the same challenge as many other district leaders across the country: What’s the best way to allocate a reducing or limited budget for professional development in the face of growing and sometimes competing priorities? Read four ways to make sure your district’s professional development has more impact.

Phases of First-Year Teaching
17 Aug 2011

To support new teachers effectively, other educators must understand the phases that novices often experience during their pivotal first year. This pivotal and oft-referenced article by Ellen Moir was originally written for publication in the newsletter for the California New Teacher Project, published by the California Department of Education (CDE), 1990.

16 Jun 2011

Traditionally, approaches to the principalship often focus on the operational and the management aspects of the position. But I believe we are coming to embrace a much more powerful role for the “principal teacher” than ever before, and this is nowhere more evident than in the lives of beginning teachers.