22 Jul 2015

In classrooms across California, teachers are working tirelessly to transform our schools and ensure our students succeed. To build on their work, we need to unlock what’s working in each of those classrooms and spread those good ideas into other classrooms across the state. That’s why on July 31 we’re co-hosting Better Together: California Teachers Summit. 

10 Mar 2014

Since the passage of No Child Left Behind, with its intense focus on math and reading, NTC's Alyson Mike has had growing concerns that STEM education would become just “M.” In this post, she explains that's why she's feeling optimistic about the completion of Next Generation Science Standards. 

Jane Baker
12 Sep 2013

New Teacher Center Communication Director Jane Baker raises important questions as thousands of new teachers enter the classroom for the first time. They will struggle to find the support and resources they need to improve student learning. Many will turn to Google. But will this be enough? More importantly, will they be able to sort through the results and find the best answers?

25 Feb 2013

In the few days since it’s been released, the new MetLife Survey of the American Teacher: Challenges for School Leadership has prompted quite a few important conversations. Two specific findings stood out to us at New Teacher Center, and prompted us to ask: What constructive steps can we take to move education forward?

18 Sep 2012

I think it is time we talked more about the quality of the support programs being offered to new teachers. I’m concerned that the difference between a low- and high-quality teacher induction program and the respective impact of each may not be fully understood by many school districts. Let me explain.