In classrooms across California, teachers are working tirelessly to transform our schools and ensure our students succeed. To build on their work, we need to unlock what’s working in each of those classrooms and spread those good ideas into other classrooms across the state.

We can achieve that by connecting our teachers to each other – through formal teacher induction programs and by creating more opportunities for teachers to come together, share ideas and build their networks. Teachers are hungry for learning, and  they thrive when they can collaborate, share what’s working and what’s not, and brainstorm ways to improve teaching, classrooms and schools. The best way to help our students succeed is to foster more opportunities for teachers teaching teachers.

That’s why on July 31 we’re co-hosting Better Together: California Teachers Summit, in partnership with the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities and the California State University system. At 33 sites across the state, Better Together will provide a platform for teachers to learn with and from each other through:

  1. EdCamp style sessions – We’re excited to partner with the EdCamp Foundation to offer this teacher-led, teacher driven forum. Participants at each site will brainstorm, select, and then facilitate sessions based on their collective needs and desires. Educators will walk away with new resources, strategies, and colleagues as they engage together with a topic that is particularly pressing for them.
  2. Ed Talks – Each site will hear from three fellow teachers on the frontier of education innovation in their classrooms, schools and communities. Delivered in the TED-style, these talks promise to get the audience thinking, laughing and stirred to action.
  3. Call to Action – We’re going to wrap up the day of learning by offering time for educators to process, synthesize and plan next steps.
  4. Resources – At the summit you’ll receive an index of free resources you can immediately use in your classroom as you implement the new California Standards.

We invite all California educators to join us for Better Together: California Teachers Summit. We are excited about the day and even more excited about the movement it will incite across California.




Based upon the responses thus far, I would simply add that I think one's take on the Summit has a lot to do with which one of the 23 locations s/he ended up in. My own, sponsored by CSUDH, at the Four Points Sheraton/LAX, was first class--in every way possible. Teacher groups that I sat in on were very knowledgeable about the Common Core; they raised--and answered--good questions. They networked constantly during times away from the streamed-in feeds. Best of all, the teachers were inspiring--and, I think, inspired others. Go, California!

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