02 Sep 2015

Research by Richard Ingersoll from the University of Pennsylvania has shown that high-quality teacher induction programs can advance teaching practice and student learning and support teacher retention. The key, though, to getting results is the quality of program. In this post, we recommend four ways education leaders can set about creating and/or improving teacher induction programs for greater impact.

13 Nov 2014

I greeted the teachers as they arrived for the beginning teacher after school professional development (PD). They were friendly as they greeted me, but most of all, excited to see each other. The room buzzed!

15 Sep 2014

New Teacher Center has identified five common “tensions” that mentors experience when they assume their new role: building a new identity; developing trusting relationships; accelerating teacher development; mentoring in challenging contexts; and learning leadership skills.

04 May 2014

As this school year comes to an end, many districts and schools will reflect on the successes of the year and begin to plan for the next school year. Budget priorities will be reassessed and debated. In this situation, it is important to let education leaders know that the best investment they can make is in a high-quality teacher induction program. Here are ten reasons why.