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A Tweetchat for Change

By Tracy Kremer, New Teacher Center Director of Communication … Last week, we hosted New Teacher Center’s first Twitter chat, using #NTCedchat, on the topic of changing the odds for students by leveraging the new federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) as a catalyst. ESSA provides a great opportunity to reignite dialogue on a variety of education issues, and to change the odds for students. It returns significant authority over education to states and localities […]

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Change the Odds with ESSA

By Liam Goldrick, Director of Policy —  Opportunity, hard work and equity are part of our nation’s ethos. Even amid the real struggles we face every day, many of us cling tightly to these ideals. And while researchers have just detected a narrowing of the achievement gap for the first time in decades, bringing us closer to our ideals, those same researchers predict the gap won’t completely close for another 60 to 110 years. We know […]

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New i3 Research Shows Student Achievement Gains Continue with NTC Support

By Ali Picucci, PhD, NTC Vice President of Impact and Improvement —  The latest results from a third-party evaluation of our i3-funded work are in, and show a definitive improvement in student learning outcomes and teacher retention. We’re using these results to understand exactly what’s working — and what’s not — to improve student learning, teacher retention and teacher effectiveness.      We at New Teacher Center have been fortunate in being a two-time recipient of the federal […]

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