Crystal Monteiro
31 Jul 2013

Someone once asked Induction Coach Crystal Monteiro, "Don’t you think good teachers either have IT or they don’t?" In this post, Crystal explores the definition of “it” and where the “it” comes from. 

Netherlands Minister Jet Bussmaker wrapping up the summit
21 Mar 2013

Last week I had the distinct opportunity to attend the 2013 International Summit on the Teaching Profession in Amsterdam which focused on teacher evaluation. The major theme of the Summit: Should countries have sophisticated, centralized evaluation systems with clearly defined measures and processes, or should teachers in schools and localities work to collectively define their standards, their evaluation, their development, and ultimately their own profession?

Photo: Lilian Turnipseed
20 Mar 2013

Lillian Turnipseed has been a teacher for thirty-eight years. This past year she's had a new job: sharing her experience and fierce commitment to teaching with her newest colleagues as one of RIDE's Induction Coaches.

26 Feb 2013

Today, New Teacher Center is releasing Cultivating Effective Teachers Through Evaluation And Support: A Guide For Illinois Policymakers And Educational Leaders, a guide that explores whether a new state teacher evaluation law in Illinois provides sufficient growth and learning opportunities for beginning teachers. Here, I offer five main takeaways from this work for a national audience.

25 Feb 2013

In the few days since it’s been released, the new MetLife Survey of the American Teacher: Challenges for School Leadership has prompted quite a few important conversations. Two specific findings stood out to us at New Teacher Center, and prompted us to ask: What constructive steps can we take to move education forward?