New teachers may be our entry point, but JNTP's work has long-term, whole-school impact. Here's how: 

New teachers in their first or second year in the teaching profession receive:

  • Intensive weekly one-on-one mentoring with a JNTP-trained mentor for two years
  • 1.5 hours per week of mentoring, plus weekly classroom observation
  • Two professional development days during the school year; sample topics include Differentiation and Effective Classroom Environment

Mentors -- excellent, reflective teachers with 5 or more years of experience -- receive: 

  • Five professional development academies over the course of two years, led by JNTP staff. Topics include Instructional Mentoring, Coaching and Observation, and Analyzing Student Work, all based on New Teacher Center materials
  • Periodic after-school forums led by JNTP staff focusing on ongoing mentor practice of New Teacher Center Formative Assessment tools, the basis of their work with beginning teachers
  • Online community of practice
  • Ongoing support and training for mentors past the first two years

Administrators receive: 

  • Seminar on the role of principal in supporting JNTP work within the school
  • Regular meetings with JNTP mentor and JNTP leadership
  • Access to New Teacher Center research and publications
  • Consultation with JNTP staff on professional development for all staff


  • Professional growth for BOTH beginning teachers and mentors
  • New teacher skill acceleration, so that after two years of JNTP mentoring, performance equals that of fourth year teacher
  • Whole school impact, as teachers bring the language of teaching standards, collaboration and professional development into the school culture
  • Increased student achievement, as students receive a better education with more effective and skilled teachers