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Ellen Moir in Huffington Post – To meet new student standards, we must support and empower teachers

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We have at our doorstep, a once in a century opportunity for education in America. Almost every state in America is introducing higher, more rigorous standards for all students. New assessments that strive to assess students’ critical thinking and problem solving abilities alongside their basic comprehension are being developed. These new standards and assessments are helping forge a new vision for teaching and learning so all students graduate college and career ready — no matter their zip code.

How can we make sure this vision becomes reality? Simply put, we need to support and empower educators to become continuous learners who are curious, persistent and reflective — the core capabilities and dispositions these new standards require.

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Read Ellen Moir’s full Op-Ed in Huffington Post, “To Meet New Student Standards, We Must Support and Empower Teachers.”

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