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New Teacher Center applauds passage of “Every Student Succeeds Act”

New Teacher Center (NTC) is pleased with the U.S. Senate’s approval of the “Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA) today. This bill recognizes what NTC has been saying for nearly two decades – great schools are built upon a local foundation of excellent teaching.

While ESSA returns significant authority over education to states and localities, it maintains the federal government’s strong focus on equity: quality schools for all students and access to effective teachers.

Most importantly, this legislation emphasizes factors critical to student learning – quality teaching and school climate – with funding for states and districts for:

  • evidence-based induction programs for teachers and school principals
  • personalized professional development
  • timely and actionable feedback on teaching
  • improved teaching and learning conditions

NTC’s work with educators is based on the understanding that rich feedback, on-going development and learning opportunities, and supportive teaching conditions are keys to teacher growth and student learning. Several federal grants, including two SEED grants and two i3 grants – the second of which is contingent upon raising additional funds this month – have enabled NTC to develop strong cultures and systems of teaching and learning with partner school districts across the nation. We are pleased to see that ESSA maintains the federal government’s commitment to such evidence-based initiatives that move teachers from good, to great, to excellent – and shapes schools that enable student success.

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