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New Teacher Center Statement:
The Impact of the FY2018 Budget Proposal on Educator Effectiveness and Student Success

A budget is a statement of priorities and at New Teacher Center, our priority is ensuring that every student, regardless of zip code, has effective educators that prepare them to be college, career and community ready.

The FY2018 federal budget proposal released today by the current administration signals an unraveling of our nation’s historic commitment to all students by dismantling development and support for educators who are responsible for providing an equitable and rigorous education in classrooms across our country. At a time when achievement gaps persist and many schools are experiencing teacher shortages, this budget proposal zeroes out the federal government’s investment in the Every Student Succeeds Act’s (ESSA) Title II – Preparing, Training and Recruiting High Quality Teachers and Principals which currently totals $2.25 billion.

This budget ignores research that shows students are academically, socially and emotionally successful in learning environments that integrate rigorous academic standards within empowering classrooms led by effective educators . It also represents a repudiation of the evidence that educators benefit from opportunities to learn, grow and improve in their practice as they serve students and communities.

Large-scale cuts to federal educational investments will especially impact schools in high-poverty, rural and urban communities – ultimately widening achievement gaps and undermining our global economic competitiveness. Ensuring that every child in America is taught by an effective teacher is not just a local or state concern, but is critical to our democracy and our prosperity as a nation.

Today’s budget proposal is not the end, but the beginning of a longer budget process. Our hope is that it injects a new sense of urgency into our national conversation about the critical role that educators play in our public schools and our communities. Looking forward, NTC supports a stronger focus within ESSA and in Title II specifically to ensure that each and every dollar is invested in evidence-based programs that provide an equitable and rigorous education for all students. We urge Congress to reject this budget in its current form and honor America’s students by restoring full federal funding for developing and supporting effective educators in our schools.

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The Impact of the FY2018 Budget Proposal on Educator Effectiveness and Student Success”

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    I would like to talk with a leader regarding our proposed teacher retention project with your organization.
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