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THE Journal spotlights eMSS as tech tool to support new teachers

In “4 Tech Tools that Support New Teachers,” THE Journal explores how, with high attrition rates among new teachers, districts are using software to help them choose the right candidates and give them the PD they need to succeed. New Teacher Center’s eMentoring for Student Success (eMSS) program is featured as one of these solutions in this article, especially in rural and urban areas where it can be difficult for districts to relieve teachers of their classroom responsibilities to give them the time to mentor newer teachers as part of an induction program.

An excerpt:

In his first year of classroom teaching five years ago, Lamont Hollifield, a mathematics teacher at the Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men in Chicago, found assistance through the e-Mentoring for Student Success (eMSS) program offered by the nonprofit New Teacher Center. The online program brings together new and veteran teachers and university professors to share ideas and experiences within a structured curriculum.

Hollifield recalled, “My mentor phrased comments in a way that caused me to reflect on my practice. I found it was not the way the school was being run, but my failure to adapt to what they were asking me to do in the school that was the problem.” Hollifield is now giving back by acting as a mentor in the program himself. Reflecting on his role as an online sounding board for new teachers, he said: “Once you build trust with teachers, they will talk about things they might not be comfortable sharing with a department chair, such as content they feel challenged to teach.”

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