NTC Updates

In an Op-Ed published by the Huffington Post titled, “Time for a Seismic Shift in How We Prepare and Support Teachers,” New Teacher Center Founder and CEO Ellen Moir advocates for more personalized learning opportunities for teachers so they can better personalize learning for their students.

An excerpt:

The good news is there is greater demand for classrooms and schools that focus on greater student personalization, where students pace their own learning. Blended learning -- which allows teachers to use technology-enabled tools and curricula alongside traditional teaching methods -- is the most promising instructional strategy currently being deployed to drive toward greater personalization and empowerment for our students…..

…..This movement similarly demands a seismic shift in the way we train and support teachers. If we expect our teachers to personalize learning for their students, shouldn't we personalize the learning opportunities for our teachers?

A shift like this has implications for three distinct but related areas: teacher preparation; support for beginning teachers; and ongoing professional learning.


Read Ellen Moir’s full Op-Ed in Huffington Post, “Time for a Seismic Shift in How We Prepare and Support Teachers.”