NTC Updates

As we at New Teacher Center make strides toward our vision of ensuring that every student across the country has a great teacher, we are always refining and building upon the ways we work with you to make this vision a reality.  We’re excited to share news about our new face-to-face and online learning opportunities that fulfill our mission in offering solutions that support new and emerging teacher leaders. 


Improving Student Achievement Through Effective Feedback (ISA)

Improving Student Achievement Through Effective Feedback is a three-day session designed to increase school leaders’ abilities to transform evidence of teaching practice and standards into timely feedback that improves instruction and student achievement. Participants can deepen their understanding of their role in supporting teacher development, practice coaching conversations, and learn and practice feedback for informal classroom visitations. 

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Early Learning Coaches Professional Learning Series

This two-year series includes eight two-day sessions following a curriculum that speaks to the knowledge, skills and mindsets early learning coaches require to be successful in their many roles. Participants will focus on social and emotional learning (SEL), guiding teachers to differentiate their instruction based on students’ assessed learning needs, and creating a sustainable community of coaching professionals with common language, frameworks and approaches to instructional coaching.

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Common Core in Action on Coursera

New Teacher Center was one of the first organizations to collaborate with Coursera, an education platform that partners worldwide with top universities and organizations to offer free online courses, to offer teacher professional development. Last November, President Barack Obama announced a new initiative from Coursera that gives teachers the chance to receive a free Verified Certificate (VC) for successful completion of course requirements for Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) providers. Verified Certificates allow teachers to promote, share and gain recognition for completed MOOCs as part of their ongoing professional development and career achievement.

Coursera is inviting teachers, superintendents and district and school administrators to learn more and complete this form to express interest in this new initiative.

Registration is now open for two NTC Coursera courses, starting in March 2015, that carry the option to sign-up for Verified Certificates:


Ask a Mentor

New STEM teachers now have a unique opportunity to receive on demand professional support and feedback on their classroom practice, thanks to our new pilot initiative, Ask a Mentor.

Teachers can search Ask a Mentor’s experts and select one or more based on their subject expertise and location.  Participants then submit questions or concerns through text or video to their selected mentor(s) and receive feedback within a guaranteed 48 hours. Video calls are even possible, if desired.

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Social and Emotional Learning Resource Website

Get easy access to a wide array of useful resources on social and emotional learning (SEL) on our newly launched website for school leaders, mentors and beginning teachers. 

A user-friendly mix of blog posts, videos, practical strategies, and quick tips, the site brings to life the New Teacher Center Framework for SEL as educators experience it in their daily lives. Links to readings, research summaries, and key organizations in the field are regularly highlighted and updated, providing a go-to archive for practitioners who need a "just-in-time" resource.

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