NTC Updates

New Teacher Center (NTC) first announced Ellen Moir’s Brock International prize in Education Laureate in October 2013.  On March 11, 2014 Ellen accepted the prize at the University of Oklahoma. An article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel features Ellen’s award, and emphasizes the origins of New Teacher Center’s work in Santa Cruz County. Moir launched the Santa Cruz New Teacher Project in 1988; when as director of teacher education at UC Santa Cruz she identified the need to better help recent college graduates make a successful transition from student to teachers.


Moir pioneered a mentoring program, pairing an experienced schoolteacher with a caseload of new instructors. First launched in Santa Cruz County schools, the program proved effective and quickly was embraced by other local districts.

A subsequent article in EdSource about Moir’s receipt of the Brock Award, also picks up on the roots of NTC in California and how the Santa Cruz New Teacher Project provided a model for what became the state’s Beginning Teachers and Support Assessment (BTSA), a state-funded training and mentoring program that enables teachers with a preliminary teaching credential to qualify for a permanent or “clear” credential. The article also highlights how NTC has expanded to have eight offices across the country and to working in 26 of the Nation’s top 200 school districts.

In EdSource, Ellen also touches on her concerns for the future of BTSA and new teacher induction in California as a result of introduction of the Local Funding Formula in the state.


Good programs will survive, she said, but some districts may cut back their funding or charge teachers for the training. “One of the unintended consequences is that some new teachers are going to be left on their own,” she said. “We may see inequities across the state.”

Read the full articles about this prize and the history of New Teacher Center in EdSource, “Ellen Moir honored for work preparing new teachers,” and in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, “Santa Cruz-based nonprofit founder honored for work, ”