Our Approach

When we focus on teachers and school leaders, students succeed

Research has shown that teachers and school leaders are the two most important in-school factors that impact student learning. Recruiting, supporting, and retaining excellent teachers and principals are among the most urgent challenges facing Jewish day schools today. JNTP’s Teacher Induction (TI) and Administrator Support (AS) programs are designed to accelerate the effectiveness of educators at early points in their careers, thus maximizing their impact on students and learning and setting their professional trajectories toward excellence. Our programs impact four core areas: student learning, educator effectiveness, leadership development and optimal learning environments. We take a consultative approach to identify the best fit for each school partner we work with, asking detailed questions to assess where to start.

Our program is designed to impact four core areas: student learning, educator effectiveness, leadership development and optimal learning environments. We take a consultative approach to identify the best fit for each school partner we work with, asking detailed questions to assess where to start.

JNTP is dedicated to improving student learning by accelerating the effectiveness of beginning teachers and early-career school leaders in Jewish day schools. Our Teacher Induction model focuses on improving beginning teachers’ classroom practice through high quality, intensive mentoring, resulting in practitioners who are responsive to the needs of all students, creating stronger classroom and leading to higher student achievement. Our Administrator Support model supports administrators in the early years of their careers, helping them develop the supervisory and leadership skills necessary to support teacher growth and educational excellence.

Throughout the two years of the Teacher Induction program, JNTP-trained mentors meet weekly with their beginning teachers and guide them in developing practical skills in classroom management, lesson planning, and pedagogy, and also provide emotional and practical support as they adjust to their first years of teaching. In the Administrator Support program, early-career administrators are coached on observation and feedback, data collection and assessment, teacher selection and induction, and other topics that strengthen their skills in promoting teacher effectiveness.

Experienced teachers who train as JNTP-mentors are positioned as teacher leaders in their schools, paving the way for greater responsibility and, often, administrator roles. They bring with them the tools and approaches gained through their JNTP training and mentoring experience, including leadership skills, professional teaching standards, a culture of collaboration, and a reflective approach to professional development. Early career administrators who participate in JNTP’s Administrator Support program develop the supervisory and leadership skills to be effective in their roles.

Effective teaching and learning can only happen when an optimal learning environment (OLE) is in place. In such an environment, the diverse needs of each learner are addressed with an ever-present attention to equity and continuous academic, social, and emotional growth. JNTP helps create OLE in Jewish day schools by working with new teachers, veteran teachers, and administrators to increase teacher effectiveness, teacher retention, and student achievement and bringing the language of teaching standards, collaboration, and professional development into school culture, so that the needs to each learner can be met.

The Foundation of Our Work

JNTP’s work in Jewish day schools around the U.S. and Canada is based on New Teacher Center’s proven methodologies and materials, which are predicated on more that 25 years of research and expertise. JNTP brings the best of “outside” educational innovation into the Jewish community. JNTP helps transform Jewish day school communities by providing ongoing, job-embedded, instructionally-focused and relationship-based mentoring and coaching to three main constituencies: beginning teachers, veteran teacher mentors, and early-career administrators.


Our supports focus on building teacher and administrator effectiveness through rigorous professional standards and best practices in social-emotional learning.


Through continuous observation cycles, mentors and school leaders learn to provide evidence-based feedback to help educators enhance their instructional practice and better reach every student. It is critical that every teacher receive such quality support throughout their career.


Schools must take a system-wide approach and build capacity to provide the time, resources, and opportunities for teachers to improve their instructional practice.


We work hand-in-hand with each of our school partners to ensure a smooth implementation of the program that will best meet the needs of educators and students. By providing teachers and school leaders consistent, instructional-based support, schools can create and sustain an impactful, quality educational environment.

  • 1

    Build relationship grounded in understanding school context and growth opportunities.

  • 2

    Develop program strategy in partnership with school leaders to meet student and educator needs.

  • 3

    Implement program, closely monitoring educator engagement and adoption of best practices.

  • 4

    Provide continuous educator support responsive to student and school needs.

  • 5

    Review program progress and create a network for shared learning.

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When you work with JNTP, not only do you benefit from our more than 15 years of expertise in Jewish day schools, you also benefit from the association with one of the most sophisticated organizations addressing educational improvement in the country!