Our History

Jewish New Teacher Project was conceived by the AVI CHAI Foundation to address Jewish day schools’ needs for intensive support for their new teachers. When AVI CHAI researched existing resources, New Teacher Center (NTC) — which works across the U.S. public school system — emerged as the gold standard for teacher induction programs.

Many programs help Jewish educators, but only a few change a field… JNTP made supporting and inducting novice teachers an expectation in Jewish day schools. Its unique style of structured, data-driven mentoring helps new teachers succeed in the classroom and increases their — and the mentors’ — retention in the field. All this benefits the students and enhances their learning. The AVI CHAI Foundation couldn’t be prouder.

Dr. Michael Berger,

Former JNTP Program Officer, The AVI CHAI Foundation

With the enthusiastic support of NTC’s founder and CEO, Ellen Moir, JNTP was created in 2002 as a Jewish day school division within NTC. JNTP’s professional staff of veteran educators adapted NTC’s research-based, field-tested curriculum for Jewish day schools and launched our first Teacher Induction program cohort in the 2003-2004 academic year.

Over time, a second need emerged: novice administrators wanted coaching that would accelerate their effectiveness as school leaders. In 2013, JNTP launched its Administrator Support program, first offered as individual coaching and then with an additional cohort model option. Again, JNTP’s professional staff adapted NTC’s administrator support curriculum for use with Jewish day school educators.

JNTP has spent nearly 20 years bringing the best of the broader education world into the field of Jewish education. We continue to adapt NTC’s award-winning, cutting edge, highly impactful and proven work to enhance our Jewish day schools and increase their effectiveness by promoting excellence.

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