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The Jewish New Teacher Project builds capacity among community and school partners to drive student learning, educator effectiveness, and teacher and leadership development. We do this by providing educators and school leaders with evidence-based skills and supports needed to create optimal learning environments. As your partner, we can help you identify the solutions to meet your needs.

Who does this serve?
What are the benefits?
Teacher Induction
New Teachers
*Intensive weekly one-on-one mentoring with a JNTP-trained mentor for two years.
*1.5 hours per week of mentoring, plus weekly classroom observation.
*Three online professional development webinars
Mentor Coaching
Teachers with 5 or more years of experience
*Five professional learning seminars development academies over the course of two years, led by JNTP staff. Topics include Instructional Mentoring, Coaching and Observation, and Analyzing Student Work, all based on New Teacher Center materials.
*Periodic online Mentor Forums led by JNTP staff focusing on ongoing mentor practice of New Teacher Center Formative Assessment tools, the basis of their work with beginning teachers.
*Ongoing support and training for mentors past the first two years.
New Administrators
*One-on-one coaching support.
*A cohort of new administrators in the same geographical region.
School Leadership
School Leaders, Teacher Leaders
*Seminar on the role of principal in supporting JNTP work within the school.
*Regular meetings with JNTP.
*Access to New Teacher Center research and publications.
*Consultation with JNTP staff on professional development for all staff.

Teacher Induction

New teachers have unique needs as they enter the classroom. Ensuring that they have high-quality support allows them to deliver impactful student learning and builds their confidence to stay longer in the profession. JNTP offers Teacher Induction programs that prepare mentors to support new teachers and accelerate growth through 1:1, ongoing, job-embedded feedback and formative assessments in an optimal learning environment for both educators and students.

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Mentor Coaching

With continuously shifting student populations and new, rigorous academic standards to implement, the role and impact of mentors is imperative to increasing educator effectiveness. JNTP provides two years of professional development including Instructional Mentoring, Coaching and Observation, and Analyzing Student Work.

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School Leadership

The Jewish New Teacher Project offers partners a customized strategy to develop expertise at providing school leaders capacity-building support through professional learning opportunities, peer networks, and in-field coaching. These leaders learn to coach for instructional results, build strong learning environments, distribute leadership, and engage school communities in continuous improvement. JNTP’s research-based program integrates learner-focused and learner-led experiences that emphasize mastery through authentic practices. This not only empowers, inspires, and innovates school and teacher leaders, but transforms schools and creates optimal learning environments so that all students can succeed.

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JNTP works directly with schools to assess and understand where you can make the greatest impact with your resources. We provide a variety of consulting and training options to support and guide you at any point in the year for the length of engagement that best suits your needs.

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JNTP solutions build effective, quality teachers and school leaders and helping these leaders create optimal learning environments that support these efforts. Contact JNTP for a solution that works for you.

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