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Jewish New Teacher Project’s programs develop effective, quality teachers and school administrators to enhance student learning and social-emotional growth. We do this by providing new teachers, veteran teacher mentors and early-career school leaders with skills and the various supports necessary to create what we call Optimal Learning Environments. In such environments, all students can thrive.

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What is an Optimal Learning Environment?

Following are the five elements of an Optimal Learning Environment:

In Optimal Learning Environments, instruction addresses the needs of every learner with ever-present attention to continuous academic, social and emotional growth.

Educators prioritize knowing their students, have deep understanding of the content they teach, and collaborate with each other regularly to maximize student success.

Optimal Learning Environments are based on the belief that every student can achieve high expectations. Instruction is strengths-based, culturally responsive and personalized to ensure students meet the demands of grade-appropriate standards.

Kind, caring and respectful relationships among adults and students cultivate a sense of belonging and identity, and the social and emotional elements of learning are understood to be integral to academic success and personal well-being.

Optimal Learning Environments are supported by a positive, instructionally focused school climate and provide intellectually and emotionally safe, engaging classroom communities that are personalized and co-constructed by students and adults to support the success of each and every learner.

The JNTP Virtual Mentors program [run during COVID] has literally been a godsend to our school. This year has been so difficult in terms of staffing, attendance, COVID policies, and student absences that I have not been able to give my full attention to new teachers. With this program, teachers are able to choose an area for growth and be coached by a person who is not their supervisor. We currently have three teachers working virtually with experienced mentors from out of state and I have heard great reports. I also love that, soon, we will be able to share a common language and culture. We have been building it on our own, but this just increased the speed and efficiency

Elissa Chanales,

Former Assistant Principal, Chaviva High School for Girls

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