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A Teacher Development Continuum: The Role of Policy in Creating a Supportive Pathway into the Profession

Teachers are the strongest school-related influence on student learning. "They impact how much children learn and whether they are academically prepared to succeed in subsequent grades. Beginning educators, on average, are less effective than their more experienced peers.

New Teacher Support Pays Off: A Return on Investment for Educators and Kids

The quality of a child’s teacher is the most important school-based factor determining how much that child learns. Research provides convincing evidence that students taught by effective teachers perform dramatically better than those assigned to ineffective teachers.

Review of State Policies on Teacher Induction

The latest evidence suggests that beginning teachers are more common in our schools today than at any other time in at least the last 20 years. High-quality induction programs are needed more than ever.

New Teacher Excellence: The Impact of State Policy on Induction Program Implementation

While the comprehensiveness and funding of these policies vary widely, most state induction policies are based on an assumption that a mandate will have a positive influence on the provision of induction and mentoring support and thereby have positive effects on teaching quality and student learning. Yet little research has explored the intersection of state induction policy and local induction program implementation.