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New Teacher Center combines two decades of experience with current research to lead best
practices for teacher retention, educator development, and accelerated student learning.

Our resources share this expertise to help you strengthen your work in advancing
your education community.

District & Program Leaders

How can I create the optimal
learning environment for my
teachers and their students?

Instructional Leaders

How do I lead teacher development
for improved retention and
accelerated student outcomes?

Classroom Teachers

How can I bring best practices
to my classroom to improve
student outcomes?


How can my funds help
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the community?

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Case Study
New Teacher Center Mentor Practice Standards

Over the last 20 years, New Teacher Center (NTC) has worked with teachers, teacher leaders, schools and school districts, researchers, state agencies, policy-making organizations, and a range of educational institutions to define the characteristics and fundamental elements of high-quality mentoring. NTC’s Mentor Practice Standards accelerate the development of new teacher effectiveness, improve teacher retention, build teacher leadership, increase student learning, and support equitable outcomes for every learner. These standards are carefully framed to support maximum impact on teaching and learning, regardless of context.

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Teacher Induction Program Standards (TIPS)

NTC’s Teacher Induction Program Standards (TIPS) build upon and are informed by those many years of study, consultation, collaboration, and program implementation across many contexts throughout the United States and abroad.

School Leadership Counts: School and teacher leaders increase student achievement

While the importance and impact of school and teacher leadership has been widely understood by policymakers and practitioners, the field has lacked a comprehensive, research-based analysis to identify the specific elements of school and teacher leadership that can increase student achievement.

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New Teacher Center Teacher-Mentor Model Increases Student Achievement

Students excel when we support our teachers. When teachers receive quality mentoring, students learn more— 2–4 months of additional learning in ELA/reading and 2–5 months of additional learning in math.

Impact of the New Teacher Center’s New Teacher Induction Model on Teachers and Students

SRI Education’s evaluation of the New Teacher Center’s (NTC’s) Investing in Innovation (i3) Validation grant revealed positive impacts of NTC’s induction model on student achievement in mathematics and English language arts.

Leverage ESSA As A Catalyst

Your state’s ESSA plan can be used as a catalyst to change the odds for students in your school district. Learn more about your states roadmap for education priorities for the next 5–10 years.

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Enhancing Instructional Practices and Helping Students Succeed

The New Teacher Center’s (NTC’s) Continuum of Teaching Practice Core Capabilities is organized to describe what a teacher should know and be able to do. It provides a description of teaching that respects the diverse ways teachers pursue excellence in teaching and learning and is a tool for self-reflection, goal setting, and inquiry into practice.

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Optimal Learning Environments

Effective teaching and learning can only happen when an Optimal Learning Environment is in place. Yet, what is an Optimal Learning Environment and how can educators foster this type of environment in their classrooms and schools?

Let’s Elevate: A Toolbox of basics for Mentors and Coaches

What are the key mentoring and coaching practices that best support teacher effectiveness?

This online resource provides an interactive toolkit to grow your mentoring and coaching practice.

New Teacher Center – Overview Video

New Teacher Center is working to deliver on the promise of public education, and help bring equality in education to all children across the country. See how.

New Teacher Center

When NTC was founded almost 20 years ago, we focused solely on new teachers. Our 2020 plan is four-year plan to focus our work and broaden our impact.

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A New Teacher Center Program Impact Plan

NTC programs focus on providing intense support that is centered on advancing teacher practice and student learning through a variety of stakeholders. We know that an essential key to delivering high-quality services across any of our programs is to ask the question,“How do we define success and measure impact to continuously improve?”

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How to Support Ongoing Learning : Mentor Forums

Mentor Forums, which provide mentors with a venue to develop their skills and their understanding of adult learning, constitute a key component of professional learning. Forums are led by experienced mentors with a deep understanding of the learning needs of mentors and beginning teachers.

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Beginning Teacher Learning Communities

While most beginning teachers seek and value opportunities for learning, they usually find themselves on overload—from lesson planning to extra curricular duties—often lasting into the night. So it is important that induction leaders provide Beginning Teacher Learning Communities (BTLC) that they find worthwhile.

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High Quality Mentoring & Induction Practices

A resource for education leaders seeking to create and/or improve induction programs with practices that support teacher retention, teacher development, and improved student learning

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Role of the Principal in Beginning Teacher Induction

The positive impact of a leader who creates a caring learning community focused on student success is evident to all, including beginning teachers. Research reveals that inadequate support from school administration is one of the three most often reported causes of a new teacher’s decision to leave the profession (Richard Ingersoll).

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Early Learning

NEW TEACHER CENTER provides a comprehensive and sustainable system of support for Early Learning teachers, coaches, and administrators by offering high-quality professional development opportunities that train educators to deeply understand early education, the developmental continuum for children and the value of an intentional learning environment that enhances instruction.

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Early Learning Leadership Program

NTC's EARLY LEARNING LEADERSHIP PROGRAM (ELLP) is designed to support school leaders in understanding early learning pedagogy and best practices as well as how to scaffold continuous teacher improvement.

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Professional Learning Series for Early Learning Coaches

The Professional Learning Series for Early Learning Coaches (PLS FOR ELC) is a two-year series for Early Learning Coaches designed to support the creation of high-quality Early Learning classrooms in which 3, 4, and 5 year old children develop the academic, social, emotional, and language skills they need to be successful.

Practice Brief
High Quality Mentoring & Instructional Coaching Practices

A resource for education leaders seeking to create and/or improve programs with practices that support teacher retention, teacher development, and improved student learning.

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Program Support Consultation and Thought Leadership Key

Spend time with New Teacher Center leveraging 20 years of induction and instructional coaching program development and implementation across national and international contexts, to discuss your local needs.

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School Leadership Overview

NTC offers partners a customized strategy to build district capacity for school leaders and key district leaders to implement an integrated and aligned school leader and teacher development system through a two-year engagement. This approach organizes school leaders to learn and improve their schools through networks of colleagues.

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Teacher Induction Overview

NEW TEACHER CENTER’S Induction Program transforms the professional growth trajectory for new teachers. We prepare your mentors to not only support but accelerate beginning teacher development. With a priority focus on equity, NTC offers one of the few professional mentoring models that has demonstrated statistically significant gains in student outcomes.

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Instructional Coaching Overview

NEW TEACHER CENTER’S Instructional Coaching model prepares instructional coaches to accelerate new and veteran teachers’ instructional practices through on-the-job coaching.

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