Teacher Induction

New teachers have unique needs as they enter the classroom. Ensuring that they have high-quality support allows them to become effective teachers faster and builds their confidence to stay longer in the profession. JNTP’s two-year Teacher Induction program prepares in-school veteran teacher mentors to support their new teacher colleagues through their first years of teaching and to accelerate new teachers’ growth through one-on-one, ongoing, job-embedded feedback and assessment of the effectiveness of their teaching.

Teacher Induction Program
Online New Teacher Orientation, August 2021
Teacher Induction Program

New Teachers

  • Over a two-year period, ongoing cycles of weekly 45-60 minute one-on-one mentoring and bi-weekly classroom observations
  • Assessment tools and rubrics to analyze data, track progress and set professional goals
  • Orientation before the first year of the program
  • Three professional development webinars each year


  • Orientation webinar: Maximize JNTP Mentoring in Your School
  • One in-person, full-day seminar each year based on New Teacher Center’s most recent research
  • Quarterly meetings with JNTP mentor for updates
  • Access to New Teacher Center’s research and publications
  • Consultation with JNTP staff on professional development for all faculty, upon request


  • Over a two-year period, ongoing cycles of weekly 45-60 minute one-on-one mentoring and bi-weekly classroom observations
  • Ten days of in-person seminars and nine online forums over two years
  • Assessment tools to analyze data, track progress and set professional goals
  • Opportunity for continued training as a Veteran Mentor after initial two-year program
  • Onsite observation of mentor/new teacher meetings by JNTP staff three times over two years to provide one-on-one coaching of mentor practice
Teacher Induction Program
“I will forever be grateful for my experience as a participant in the first cohort of JNTP. When I entered this brand new program, I honestly had no idea what to expect. The framework that I was exposed to gave me a new way to listen, to think about language, to communicate and to grow. My own teaching was transformed, and I learned how to empower others through mentoring.”

Shira Schiowitz

Co-director of Professional Development, Educator, SAR High School
Teacher Induction Program
“I can say with 100% confidence that the teacher I supported felt strengthened emotionally by our time together. In our first meeting together she said that she felt ‘more heard in the one hour of our meeting than she felt since she began teaching.’ And despite the emotion and tears that she often expressed / demonstrated in each of our meeting sessions, each session evolved as we moved from the simple expression of hardships to also how to address, what was the significance or impact of and how to find the entry points to understand the true trigger.”

Sara Edelson

JNTP VIrtual Mentor
Teacher Induction Program
My JNTP mentor has stood by me through all the ups and downs of my first year of teaching, consistently observing my class in action and being available to discuss it with me in a non-threatening, non-judgmental setting…This has allowed me to explore many sensitive areas of my teaching career and, therefore, grow in an immeasurable way.

Raizy Muller,

Teacher, Torah Day School of Dallas
Teacher Induction Program

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Teacher Induction Program